Wicked Whispers: The Gossip Problem

We have all become entangled in gossip as well as been victims of gossip at one time or another, and it really does hurt us and leaves behind scars. If we do not know of something to be actual truth ourselves we should not judge others based on the words of another, and then reach certain conclusions without any factual evidence. Gossip affects peoples lives and when we make decisions based on what we have not seen with our own eyes or heard with our very own ears we are making judgments that we have no right to make about others because only God has the right to judge others. 

My favorite quote about gossip is from the movie 'Doubt':

A woman was gossiping with her friend about a man whom they hardly knew - I know none of you have ever done this. That night, she had a dream: a great hand appeared over her and pointed down on her. She was immediately seized with an overwhelming sense of guilt. The next day she went to confession. She got the old parish priest, Father O' Rourke, and she told him the whole thing. 'Is gossiping a sin?' she asked the old man. 'Was that God All Mighty's hand pointing down at me? Should I ask for your absolution? Father, have I done something wrong?' 'Yes,' Father O' Rourke answered her. 'Yes, you ignorant, badly-brought-up female. You have blamed false witness on your neighbor. You played fast and loose with his reputation, and you should be heartily ashamed.' So, the woman said she was sorry, and asked for forgiveness. 'Not so fast,' says O' Rourke. 'I want you to go home, take a pillow upon your roof, cut it open with a knife, and return here to me.' So, the woman went home: took a pillow off her bed, a knife from the drawer, went up the fire escape to her roof, and stabbed the pillow. Then she went back to the old parish priest as instructed. 'Did you gut the pillow with a knife?' he says. 'Yes, Father.' 'And what were the results?' 'Feathers,' she said. 'Feathers?' he repeated. 'Feathers; everywhere, Father.' 'Now I want you to go back and gather up every last feather that flew out onto the wind,' 'Well,' she said, 'it can't be done. I don't know where they went. The wind took them all over.' 'And that,' said Father O' Rourke, 'is gossip!' 

Gossip and slander are cruel and wicked and I think it's important, especially as Christians, that we make every effort to try our best to think before we speak. Is it necessary? Is it kind? Will it build someone else up or tear them down? Let's try to make the world a better place and truly love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. Especially since many of us are not in high school anymore, we have to stop acting like we are still  teenagers, and behave as adults that have actually learned a thing or two from our past experiences.

I want to share with you a poem that I wrote about gossip entitled "Wicked Whispers".

Spoken words,
feathers in the wind,
whistling wings
above stricken trees

Tempest tongue,
wicked whispers
smears at the seams
rustles withered leaves

Irregular rhythm
darkest beat
pulse of the night
murmuring buzz of bees

Mourning dove
flutters in the sky
lament song
barren branches in the breeze

Tearing roots
burning flame
scorched seedlings
most dangerous disease


  1. I enjoyed reading your poem - very imaginative.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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