'Young Nuns' Go for the Vow Factor

'Light of Love' is a beautiful film produced by Lighthouse Catholic Media and Imagine Sisters that portrays the beauty and joy of young religious sisters living out their vocation. Follow the lives of several 'Young Nuns' who have chosen to lay down their own life to follow Him and take on a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Another powerful video showing the beauty of 'Young Nuns' in religious life is created by Giving Voice, a peer-led organization for younger religious sisters. This video is a beautiful depiction of the joy and love that is experienced in religious life when sisters come together, especially newer members of the consecrated life. Young religious sisters are bringing with them not only their own life experiences from having previous jobs and careers,  but are also bringing a new energy and vibrancy to their convents and monasteries. 

Young women want to be welcomed into their religious communities with open arms and loved by their professed sisters for who they are as women of the millennial generation. I eagerly await the day when I can live my life radically for Christ in wholeness and completeness in a religious community. I hope these videos help to inspire other young women to consider a vocation to the consecrated life :) 


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