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On Thorns and Thistles

"And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

Even the beautiful and glorious saints of present and days past have been confronted by the wicked snares of the devil where they were tempted by his evil deceit and lies. I recall a story about Saint Benedict where he was visited by Satan disguised as black bird. Soon after a visit from this vile creature the mind of St. Benedict became filled with lustful thoughts about a woman from his past to tempt him to abandon his life of celibacy. St. Benedict was able to escape temptation by throwing himself into a thorn bush, where the thorns although tearing into his skin prevented him from committing a sin of the flesh. St. Benedict knew that it was God who prevented him from surrendering to temptation and allowed him to conquer the wickedness of the devil. I am sure we all wish that we had a thorn bush to throw ourselves into whenever we were tempted by Satan, whether it be a sin of the flesh or a sin of the tong…

Catholic Charities Lending a Helping Hand to those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Catholic dioceses and charities are offering their services to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in the areas affected in Texas. Check out the following article in Crux Magazine to see how you can help!

Catholic groups are mobilizing to help in Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath

Patience As My Companion

"Patience is the companion of wisdom". -Saint  Augustine
There are so many times throughout the course of our lives that we may feel that despite our prayers they remain unanswered.  How can it be that I am praying and praying and yet nothing seems to be happening? Does God not hear my prayers, is He not listening to me? Why is God allowing this to happen in my life? I think we have all been there at one point or another when our frustration level is rising and our quest for hope starts to fade and all we are left with is a dimming light, or so we think. That little voice in our heads that is telling us to give up is not God, it is the devil trying to tempt us to stop our prayers, and to lose our faith in trusting the Lord.

Especially, those of us that live in the city know how our lives tend to be on fast forward since the moment we get out of bed in the morning, the day just progresses at the speed of lightening, and that is how we expect our prayers to be answered…at th…

Entering Into The Mystery: The Rosary

When I first began discerning religious life in my mid-twenties the Rosary played a huge role in my prayer life in helping me to truly listen to God's whisper in my heart to become a religious sister. And the Rosary has remained a powerful force in my life that has helped me to make it through the many obstacles and challenges that I faced even after I entered religious life. 
I remember the first time that I had to e-mail a Vocation Directress with regards to a vocation inquiry; I was so nervous about clicking the button to send the message. I prayed a Rosary while having my cell phone next to me on the floor, and afterwards I felt such a sense of peace that calmed any anxieties that I was feeling at the time, and I was able to send the e-mail. 
After I entered religious life and there were many times I would sit on the floor in my room near the statue of the Blessed Mother that I had upon my window sill and pray the Rosary, and I cannot explain the calming effect I experienced …