It's a "Monk's Life": Benedictines at Newark Abbey

Have you ever wondered about a monk's life? If you are a single male interested in a monastic vocation or if you simply want to learn more about the Benedictine life and want to know more about what it means to be a monk at Newark Abbey check out their Facebook page! 

The Benedictine Monks of Newark Abbey run an all boys school in Newark, New Jersey, St. Benedict's Prep, where they prepare boys to become "emotionally mature, morally responsible, well-educated young men" by means of a very team-building approach to learning, that is unique when compared to many other all boys private schools in the United States that provide and urban education. The American newsmagazine television program on the CBS, 60 minutes, aired a special last year that covered the ins and outs of The Hive, which gave others an up close and personal look of special features and projects in the school, such as the Group System, and the Backpacking Project. Check out an exclusive look by clicking St. Benedict's Prep website!


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