Love Thy Neighbor

I have come to understand and accept that throughout our lives we are able to get hurt by others because of one key factor; love. If we do not love than we cannot get hurt, but as human beings it is unnatural to not love, and so because we love it is certain that we will become hurt.

The more hurt we feel the more we have experienced love, and that is why we hurt the most when those the closest to us hurt us. The greatest hurt is when we love, but those that we love cannot love us in the same way or choose not to love us like we love them, or maybe even simply do not know how to show us they love us.  When we get treated in a way that is the opposite of how we have come to understand love, we get hurt.  I think I am speaking for most young women when I say that when we love we love hard, and our love is forever, or at least it is supposed to be forever. 

As Christians we are supposed to love one another and we have no right to judge others and decide whether they deserve us to give them our love. Does God, the Father, not continuously love us, His children despite our sins? Every human on this planet needs to be loved and yes, the way we love others can be different, but it is still love. One of my favorite quotes is by Saint Teresa of Calcutta, she says, "If we spend most of our time judging others than we have no time to love them".

Small acts of love truly go a long way whether it is giving someone a smile or simply asking someone about her day. I will never forget at the monastery one sister used to sometimes leave me little notes of inspiration outside my door or at my choir stall, and it was always when I really needed to read those words that day. I would open my door or come to prayers in the morning and find  a little post-it or card with a short message that meant so much to me, and I will always remember that small act. And because of such an act of kindness towards me I became very conscientious of doing small acts for others because I loved knowing that I could make a difference in someone's day just as another had made a difference in my day. 

It does not take much effort for us to show our love to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, and I feel that it really is something we are obligated to do as Christians. How can we live out the Gospel message authentically and not love? I encourage anyone who reads this blog to please go out today and do one small act of kindness for someone because one small gesture can make all the difference, and we never know who needs to feel loved today. 

"Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people".
-Saint Teresa of Calcutta


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