"Millennials, Be the Light of Christ"

 “Dear young people, let yourselves be taken over by the light of Christ, and spread that light wherever you are.”
-St. John Paul II

When I first thought about becoming involved in young adult ministry I was quite hesitant and doubted whether I should  put the time and energy into something that  was seemingly hopeless to me. Many young adults have embraced an attitude of being spiritual, but not religious, and are absent from the pews on Sundays.  I wondered if embarking on such an endeavor was worth it, but deep in my heart I felt the Holy Spirit guiding me to embrace the Church's movement of the new evangelization. I  felt at peace with knowing that all of my efforts might completely fail, but  at the same time thinking, "What if all of my efforts don't fail"? Our Church has so many opportunities to become involved in our parishes with the rest of our Church family, whether it is  Eucharistic Adoration, Adult Faith Formation Lectures, a Faith-Sharing Group. Rosary Group, a Spiritual Retreat, or even a parish picnic. I realized that in embracing the new evangelization I wanted to be able to help young adults to learn about these opportunities that are offered to us, and then to be able to help them to journey back Home to the Church or even if they are already active in their own parishes to be able to meet other young adults from other parishes. I realized I didn't want to start a regular young adult group, I felt called to start a young adult group that comes together to show their presence across various parishes on Staten Island taking part in the various events and gatherings already offered to Catholics at their parishes. We are the millennial generation, and we are the future of Our Church, and it is up to us to keep spreading our faith and to be the apostles of today. Even if only one young adult shows up to an event, that one person still makes all the difference, and although at times being faced with challenges and frustration I believe young adult ministry is important, and I feel blessed to be able to be involved in a ministry for the echo boomer generation.

This is a poem I wrote about having hope for the future that more young adults will come Home.

Echo of Hope
Walking through the western doors
one can hear a lull of silence.
Solitude stands amidst the crowd;
the dearth of a millennial echo,
soft whispers from an invisible voice,
and the solemn sound of the muted lyre.

There are words of sweet lament,
and the untouched cup of joy and sorrow.
A distant voice calls for the eternal glory,
and weeps for the hardened hearts.

An illumination of perpetual light
ignites the pristine presence,
and the celestial choir awaits
the hour of a joyous serenade.


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