Never Forget 9.11.01

After the tragic event of September 11th my mother later found out that one of her first cousins was killed in the collapse of the Twin Towers. As they grew up their families moved away from one another and had lost touch, and my mother never had the opportunity to rekindle her relationship with her cousin. This poem is for anyone who will never have the opportunity to heal and mend a broken relationship because of the loss of his or her loved one.

The pulsing crimson within my chest,
a fretful mind of deep regret.
The silent echo of pining sadness and sorrow,
and the ruby, red poppies bloom to mark
an eternal slumber.
A burning desire to turn back the clock,
and breath the unspoken words that
are hushed in the bleak, September silence.

The tears of autumn,
the fierce igniting of a piercing pain,
and the illumination of the kindling fire.

A montage of thoughts,
an intertwined thread,
the black and white memories frozen in time.

Ode to the muted silence,
a pause of reflection,
and a solemn truth.

The eulogic hymn
mourns the broken clasp of the severed chain
until the sweet fragrance of the first breath of spring.


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