No Apologies For Being A Catholic

(CNS/Gregory A. Shemitz)
 I love my Catholic faith, and as a young adult the strength of my faith has increased even more because of experiences in my life. I have come to realize how much my faith means to me and no matter the obstacles and challenges that I am confronted by in my life I have never allowed anyone to take my faith away from me. I stand by our Church despite the troubled and chaotic times of this new millennium, and despite being attacked for my faith by even other Catholics I will not yield or surrender because the dogma forever lives loudly within me. I proclaim that I believe in ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH  and I accept ALL of the teachings of the Church, and that doesn't make me "too conservative," that makes me a CATHOLIC, and proud of it. This is a poem I wrote about having to choose between what others were doing around me and to follow them or to stay true to my Catholic faith.

"Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted."
-2 Timothy 3:12

Forever Faithful
A blanket of frost
and the crisp, autumn air,
the trembling of leaves
and the breath of despair

A fierce gust of wind
The earliest of hours
An igniting of the flame
becomes a quest for power

The poetry of praise
becomes a mocking chatter
Seeking Him always
should be the crux of the matter

Frozen in the moments
and the breaking of a heart
The word one dares not speak
would tear her soul apart

A silent tongue
The art of protest
a concluding of the verse
the most strongest detest

A fiery tempest
and the swirl of the shell
The mysterious message
that one can foretell

Her voice of wisdom,
the sight of her face
This cosmic woman;
a presence in the gathering space

There is nowhere to run
no place to hide
A tirade of emotions
within a depth do reside

A pain so deep
like no other
A betrayal of faith
she turns to her Father

A folly of divine petition
creates a deep sea of tears
yet outstretched arms
calm all of her fears

The army of angels
as her guide
Oneness of Godhead,
a truth deep inside.

Father, Son, and Spirit blest
The Triune God,
the only Glory she will confess


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