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Vocation: A Calling from God

When we are able to listen to God in the silence of our own hearts we can hear Him calling us to our vocation; the single life, the married life, the priesthood, or the consecrated life. As I was able to settle into the quiet of my own heart by spending more time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament I became more and more aware that God wanted me to give the gift of my life to Him as a religious sister. If we are able to pull ourselves away from the noise of the world and truly spend time with our Lord we are able to feel within ourselves His ultimate love for us, and what it is that God wants for us for our lives. It was when I was truly ready to let go and open my heart to wanting whatever it was that God wanted for my life that I could accept that my vocation is to the consecrated life as a religious sister. Once God calls you that gentle, divine, nudge always returns and I know that even after pushing the thought out of my mind in my early twenties and then in my late twenties hit…

We are the Pro-Life Generation

There is so much misunderstanding when it comes to the pro-life movement. Often the Millennial generation is labeled as being too concerned with only an anti-abortion agenda, and not having any concern with the care of the child after he or she is born. This is so far from the truth because we understand that human life is sacred from conception to natural death, and ALL life deserves respect and dignity and should be protected by everyone around the world. 
It is important that the unborn are recognized as having the right to life just as much as the poor, marginalized, immigrants, refugees, and victims of human trafficking. The unborn are often forgotten as a part of the social justice agenda in the twenty-first Century and that is why young adults have become so passionate about protecting these innocent lives. The unborn cannot create an awareness for the issue of abortion as it is especially our responsibility as Christians to fight for their rights as a human being, and fightin…

God, Are You Listening?

“But certainly God has heard; He has given heed to the voice of my prayer.”
-Psalm 66:19

There are so many times throughout the course of our lives that we may feel that despite our prayers nothing seems to be happening and we feel like we are just left hanging in the balance.  How can it be that I am praying and praying and yet God is not listening to me or answering my prayers? Why is God allowing this to happen in my life? I think we have all been there at one point or another when our frustration level is rising and our quest for hope starts to fade and all we are left with is a dimming light, or so we think. God, as our Father, will never abandon us and leave us in the dark. God knows that we need him, and is always with us through thick and thin; both the good times and the bad times.

Especially, those of us that live in the city know how our lives tend to be on fast forward since the moment we get out of bed in the morning, the day just progresses at the speed of li…

Knocking for Christ: Catholic Religious Sisters Evangelize Door-to-Door

Think door-to-door ministry is only for those who are Jehovah Witnesses? Think again. Some Catholics are knocking on doors to help bring other Catholics back home to the Church as a part of the call to carry out the "New Evangelization".

Founded by Servant of God, Mary Teresa Tallon, they are a contemplative-missionary community of religious sisters, the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate, who have their Motherhouse in Monroe, New York with an apostolate of carrying out the "New Evangelization" in neighborhood parishes where they work on behalf of the Pastor who helps to guide the Sisters towards the Catholics who have strayed away from the faith.

How exactly do these Sisters carry out a charism of being neighborhood missionaries and help to strengthen the relationship that each person has with Christ to draw them closer to him? How can they encourage others to return to the Catholic Church? The Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate meet people where they are in the…

Just Jesus and Me

Who is Jesus to me? So many thoughts come to my mind when pondering on such a question, can I put who Jesus is even into words? Can my finite mind really come up with words that are deserving enough to even describe him? How can I really and truly in word and tongue answer this question and describe the Son of God, and what he means to me? There are no words that will ever be satisfactory or worthy enough.

The Son of God is my Savior, he is my true Beloved, the one who I know gave up his life for me so that I can spend eternity with his Father in Heaven. As the Son having two natures he is both one true God and one true man as perfect God and perfect man who is present to me spiritually and physically in my daily life. I experience his love, consolation, and compassion everyday in the Eucharist as I receive his true presence during mass and I can see him through my Catholic faith.  He is the Bread of Life where each morning I am able to be nourished of a spiritual hunger that gives m…