God, Are You Listening?

“But certainly God has heard; He has given heed to the voice of my prayer.”
-Psalm 66:19

There are so many times throughout the course of our lives that we may feel that despite our prayers nothing seems to be happening and we feel like we are just left hanging in the balance.  How can it be that I am praying and praying and yet God is not listening to me or answering my prayers? Why is God allowing this to happen in my life? I think we have all been there at one point or another when our frustration level is rising and our quest for hope starts to fade and all we are left with is a dimming light, or so we think. God, as our Father, will never abandon us and leave us in the dark. God knows that we need him, and is always with us through thick and thin; both the good times and the bad times.

Especially, those of us that live in the city know how our lives tend to be on fast forward since the moment we get out of bed in the morning, the day just progresses at the speed of lightening, and that is how we expect our prayers to be answered…at the speed of lightening.  Praying to God is not the same as sending a text message, and we should not expect an immediate reply back to us. When we do not receive an immediate response automatically we tend to jump to the conclusion that God must not be listening to us.  Patience is not something we are accustomed to have in our daily lives, but it is important that we learn to have patience with God since He is always patient with us.  When we err in our ways and make mistakes we know because of our faith that God is right there beside us to pick us up when we fall, and sometimes even carry us a part of the way until we can stand back up again on our own two feet.

We tend as human beings to think that we know what is best for ourselves and that God needs to listen to us immediately and take action right away to fulfill our requests.  The truth of the matter is that because we are only human we can get caught up in the moment and blind sighted by our needs and our wants, and we can forget that sometimes God's answer to our prayers is not how we envisioned Him to answer our prayers. But He does and will answer our prayers. Also, it's not always in the time frame that we set for our prayers to be answered by God, but again we need to have patience.

When we are small children we rush to unwrap a gift tearing away all of the pieces and making a mess with all of the wrapping paper, but once we push the mess aside we are left with the gift. In our lives sometimes we have to get through the messiness to eventually attain the gift, but we will receive that gift although the gift may not always be what we expect or even want at the time. God's gift to us may not be what we envisioned for ourselves, but He hears our prayers and will answer them according to His holy will. We have to try to remember that even when things seem to not be going in our favor it does not mean that God is not listening to us, it simply means that we need to be patient because God has our best interest in mind, and knows what is best for us even if we think we know better.


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