Just Jesus and Me

Who is Jesus to me? So many thoughts come to my mind when pondering on such a question, can I put who Jesus is even into words? Can my finite mind really come up with words that are deserving enough to even describe him? How can I really and truly in word and tongue answer this question and describe the Son of God, and what he means to me? There are no words that will ever be satisfactory or worthy enough.

The Son of God is my Savior, he is my true Beloved, the one who I know gave up his life for me so that I can spend eternity with his Father in Heaven. As the Son having two natures he is both one true God and one true man as perfect God and perfect man who is present to me spiritually and physically in my daily life. I experience his love, consolation, and compassion everyday in the Eucharist as I receive his true presence during mass and I can see him through my Catholic faith.  He is the Bread of Life where each morning I am able to be nourished of a spiritual hunger that gives me the strength, courage, and energy to continue on the rest of my day knowing that Jesus is with me. I knew that as I discerned with different religious communities the one, major requirement for me now to even visit a religious community was their devotion to Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. As a religious Sister I know that I will need to be sustained by the Eucharist by receiving him daily and I will need to spend time with him in daily Adoration in order to fulfill my apostolates and service for the Lord.  How can I serve God and his people if I am not nourished first by the Son of God? How can I imitate the works of the Good Shepherd if I myself do not experience his compassion and gentleness?

I know that as a human who is a part of the world I cannot live without him, and I would be nothing without him. He is why I live my life as he is always the light in any darkness and it is in the Catholic Church with the Blessed Sacrament that Jesus is always present to me and to all of us. It is by spending time before the Blessed Sacrament alone with him that I was able to become open to considering the consecrated life and to be truly open to the will of God when I was in my mid-twenties. I was finally able to say, "Fiat, let it be done". When I visit Jesus in Adoration even when the seats around me are filled with others in those precious moments I feel that it is just Jesus and me. I am looking at him and he is looking at me, it's just the two of us; my Beloved and me. It is through spending time with Jesus that I continue to hear that gentle whisper in my heart that my Father is calling me to the religious life. It is through visiting different communities and sitting in the quiet of my own heart during Adoration that I was able to truly feel where God is calling me, and to feel at home with such an overwhelming sense of peace and expectant joy as I await to enter into a religious community.



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