Knocking for Christ: Catholic Religious Sisters Evangelize Door-to-Door

Think door-to-door ministry is only for those who are Jehovah Witnesses? Think again. Some Catholics are knocking on doors to help bring other Catholics back home to the Church as a part of the call to carry out the "New Evangelization".

Founded by Servant of God, Mary Teresa Tallon, they are a contemplative-missionary community of religious sisters, the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate, who have their Motherhouse in Monroe, New York with an apostolate of carrying out the "New Evangelization" in neighborhood parishes where they work on behalf of the Pastor who helps to guide the Sisters towards the Catholics who have strayed away from the faith.

How exactly do these Sisters carry out a charism of being neighborhood missionaries and help to strengthen the relationship that each person has with Christ to draw them closer to him? How can they encourage others to return to the Catholic Church? The Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate meet people where they are in their lives, and bring Christ to them through their "compassion and gentleness, while upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church". According to their mission statement on their homepage a conversation starter for a Sister when first visiting a home can be as simple as, "Has anyone in the household ever been baptized a Catholic?" and such a question can lead to a Catholic who has strayed away from the Church being evangelized again and coming home.

I first learned about the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate from the Council Superior of Women Religious website and from their magazine, The Parish Visitor, given to me by one of the priests at my parish. The Sisters publish monthly magazines that illustrate the amazing work that they do carrying out their mission of the "New Evangelization" to help fallen away Catholics to have a deeper relationship with Christ and to find their way back home. Such a charism of imitating the Good Shepherd and striving to bring the lost sheep home truly has touched my heart.

As a young adult Catholic I am sadly aware of the amount of Millennial Catholics who have strayed away from our faith, especially young adults on Staten Island. I attend daily mass as well as mass on Sundays and often I am one of the few Millennial Catholics in the pews. I have listened to the stories of broken hearted parents who long for their children who they raised Catholic to return to our Church. How beautiful would it be to be able to take part in the call to the "New Evangelization" and strive to bring them home? How can we imitate the Good Shepherd and strive to bring all of the lost sheep home?

"The Parish Visitors speak to the people, face to face, and heart to heart."
-Servant of God, Mary Teresa Tallon (Foundress)


  1. This is wonderful! We need more like the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate. May God continue to bless their work of evangelization and may He also continue to bless your vocation.


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