Vocation: A Calling from God

When we are able to listen to God in the silence of our own hearts we can hear Him calling us to our vocation; the single life, the married life, the priesthood, or the consecrated life. As I was able to settle into the quiet of my own heart by spending more time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament I became more and more aware that God wanted me to give the gift of my life to Him as a religious sister. If we are able to pull ourselves away from the noise of the world and truly spend time with our Lord we are able to feel within ourselves His ultimate love for us, and what it is that God wants for us for our lives. It was when I was truly ready to let go and open my heart to wanting whatever it was that God wanted for my life that I could accept that my vocation is to the consecrated life as a religious sister. Once God calls you that gentle, divine, nudge always returns and I know that even after pushing the thought out of my mind in my early twenties and then in my late twenties hitting roadblocks and challenges in my discernment I still feel that my vocation is to serve God and His Church as a religious sister.

Love Calls the Heart 

The stirring of desire
ignites a burning flame.
A love calls the heart
with silent words her soul engraved.

The soft echo gently whispers
in the solemn, stillness of the night.
A divine nudge from within;
the beautiful gift of her life.

The invitation of divine romance
sparks a crimson fire.
Wrapped in a sacred embrace;
the arms of her Beloved.

A white shroud of snow conceals
the dusty surface.
With the sweet breath of spring,
the buzzing bees hum softly.

A little violet emerges
into the shimmering, sunlight
as the golden glow illuminates
the rose-colored glass.


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