We are the Pro-Life Generation

There is so much misunderstanding when it comes to the pro-life movement. Often the Millennial generation is labeled as being too concerned with only an anti-abortion agenda, and not having any concern with the care of the child after he or she is born. This is so far from the truth because we understand that human life is sacred from conception to natural death, and ALL life deserves respect and dignity and should be protected by everyone around the world. 

It is important that the unborn are recognized as having the right to life just as much as the poor, marginalized, immigrants, refugees, and victims of human trafficking. The unborn are often forgotten as a part of the social justice agenda in the twenty-first Century and that is why young adults have become so passionate about protecting these innocent lives. The unborn cannot create an awareness for the issue of abortion as it is especially our responsibility as Christians to fight for their rights as a human being, and fighting against the evil of abortion is just as much a social justice issue as is fighting for the rights of those outside of the womb. 
 It is also our responsibility to continue to support a child after he or she is born because pro-life also means providing for an individual by meeting his or her basic needs. We cannot be truly pro-life unless we are also willing to provide for the babies that we have supported in the womb by promoting an overall charism of life. It is our obligation to help provide care for mothers during their pregnancies, and then to help those same mothers to care for their children once they are born.

Some of these babies will grow up and become a part of the class of poor, marginalized, immigrants, refugees, or victims of human trafficking and we need to also be concerned with providing aide to them at these stages of their lives too. Then when these same children journey through the stages of life and become elderly, we need to ensure that these same individuals still receive our attention, care, support, and love during this crucial point in their lives too.

I am a strong advocate of protecting the unborn, and I am a strong advocate of protecting ALL life from conception to natural death because a baby in the womb is a stage of life just as much as a child or adult who walks around on this planet. It is important that those of us who have a voice use our voices to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Social justice covers a broad spectrum of issues, and all issues deserve the same amount of attention and support by Christians as well as non-Christians. We need to come together to solve these issues and stop causing division among one another. The right to life is a moral issue that we all need to address together, especially us Catholics. When we create division we are hurting those affected by these social justice issues because too much of our time is being spent on arguing with one another. We need to come together and support one another in defending ALL life.

This article is also published on Catholic365.com and was reprinted and adapted with permission, http://www.catholic365.com/article/9021/we-are-the-prolife-generation.html


  1. Thank you, Christina, for this post. Too much infighting is defeating the purpose of our care for those in most need and at their time of need. This needs to be said loud and clear. Your post is on point!! - Alvin, catholicismfelt.com


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