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5 Religious Brothers to Follow on Twitter

Do you already follow awesome Twitter accounts of some priests and religious sisters? How about adding the tweets of religious sisters and brothers to your Twitter feed? Check out the accounts of consecrated men living the fraternal life.

1. Brother James Reiter

Br. James Reiter is a Conventual Franciscan Brother who has previously taught high school and is a former Reserve Police Officer and Police Chaplain. He is currently the director of development for the St. Joseph of Cupertino Province. Br. James shares inspiration tweets that will help you deepen your own faith.

2. Brother Martin

Br. Martin is an Augustinian Friar who promotes the message of being counter-cultural in today's world and helps to spread the truth about the Catholic faith. He tweets about current happenings in the Church community and takes part in insightful and serious theological discussion. Br. Martin plays the guitar and during the holiday season has shared his videos of himself playing several familiar Chris…