Called to Marycrest

(This is my farewell blog post, which will also be my last one).

On September 8th, 2018, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I will be entering as a Postulant with the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate in Monroe, New York. I have been seriously discerning a vocation to the religious life for the past several years, and have been officially accepted and preparing for entrance since March 2018. My discernment journey has had its ups and downs and ebbs and flows, but I feel truly blessed to soon be entering the convent, and I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life. I am overcome with joy and excitement to finally be able to serve Christ in a contemplative-missionary religious community with a charism in imitation of the Sacred Heart of the Good Shepherd through visitation to parish families and religious instruction.

You can follow the happenings of the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate on their Facebook page and website.

As this is my last blog post, I will be leaving behind the use of personal social media accounts, e-mail, cell phone, and use of the Internet. I want to take the time for my last post to thank all of the good and holy priests in my life who have inspired me along the way by their devout love for their vocation to the priesthood and their passion for our Catholic faith, and who have been supportive of my vocation.

Fr. Angelo Pezzulo who took the time after Mass one Sunday when I was six years old to teach me about the Eucharist.

Msgr. Robert Thelen who inspired me as a child Sunday after Sunday to appreciate my faith and my family with his homilies that always included a story about his family.

Fr. Daniel Tuite who first sparked the thought in my mind to think about the religious life when I met him when he was a transitional deacon

Fr. Michael Cichon who was a caring spiritual father who taught me the importance of having respect and learning the truth about our Catholic faith

Fr. Richard Veras who helped me to further deepen my Catholic faith as a teenager

Msgr. Edmund Whalen who was another caring spiritual father who taught me the truth about our faith and the importance of living out our faith for others to witness

Fr. Evangelio Suagbaguio who has always offered me encouragement and has shown me the meaning of dedication to one's vocation

Fr. Neil Kelly who has helped to keep me going with his sense of humor in some really challenging times, along with encouraging words and teaching the truth of our Catholic faith

Fr. Robert Dillon who is an amazing Pastor who is a true shepherd to his flock teaching us the truth about our faith, and has encouraged me to stay strong, and to have patience and
hope by his example

Fr. Christopher O'Connor who was there for me to be a listening ear when I needed it most, and with his prayers helped to get me though an extremely challenging time

Fr. David Rider who's wisdom always inspired by the Holy Spirit, was there for me during times of difficulty during my discernment, to be a listening ear and offer encouragement, and taught me the truth of our Catholic faith

Fr. Tom Devery who was also there for me during times of difficulty during my discernment and offered advice that helped to guide me

Fr. Basil Akut who always speaks from his heart and who's smile after Mass helped to brighten some of the difficult days

Fr. Louis Jerome who has inspired me with his words, especially in the bulletin each week and taught me how to keep moving forward and trust in the Lord even when things get tough

Fr. Marius Fernando who always greets me with a smile after Mass and inspires me to want to live my religious life with joy

Fr. Stefan Chanas who has taught me to be self-giving and to have humility

Fr. Phil Tangorra who has inspired me with his friendship and with his book, "Holiness and the Sacramental Life" and our faith-filled discussions and to want to delve deeper into our Catholic faith and share that faith with others

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo who has inspired me by sharing his beautiful vocation story and his everyday experiences as a priest in the Catholic Church

Fr. Christopher Argano who was able to help guide me during the later part of my discernment journey

Fr. David Bertolotti who has taught me to speak up when it comes to our Catholic faith and to not be afraid

Fr. Tom DeSimone who has taught me the importance of tradition in our Catholic faith

Fr. Jeff Pomeisl who is on fire with the Holy Spirit and inspires me to want to lead others to Jesus Christ and to understand the Eucharist

Fr. Patrick Amedeka who encourages me to want to go out into the world and bring Catholic young adults back to the Church

Bishop Peter Byrne who has been encouraging and supportive throughout my discernment journey

I will be praying for all of you, and I ask for you to please pray for me too. I also ask you to please pray for the purification of our Church and for the priesthood; to pray for our good and holy priests, for our seminarians, and that more young men will answer the call to the priesthood. Without priests we have no Eucharist and without the Eucharist we have no Church.

God bless you!

See you all in the Eucharist ❤️

Pax Christi,

Christina +JMJ


  1. For some Months now av been following your blog. Am so happy for you Christina. May you become a beautiful Bride of Christ and May he shower you with all the blessings of a Good religious. Pray For me too as I am also discerning Religious life.
    Godbless you

  2. Many blessings as you continue your vocational journey!

    Brother James Reiter, OFM Conv

  3. God bless you and there is no doubt you be even more wonderful. You are an inspiration. Continued prayers. Richard Ruggiero.

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